Sebela, is derived from the Italian word 'bella,' meaning beautiful. We want everyone to know your beauty through Sebela.

We offer your favorite e-commerce makeup brands the ability to help you find the right color shade through our accurate virtual try-on technology.

Why we are different

No more artificial makeup virtual try-ons that doesn't reflect how the makeup will look on you.

Our virtual try-ons are 10X more accurate than those out there to ensure that virtual makeup is as real as the real version.

How? We make sure to identify the correct makeup product color shade with our color matching process and ensure it matches in the virtual relm.

So you can confidently purchase the makeup products from your faviorite brand without ever needing to try on the physical product.

In Anh Thu's words

What's your earliest makeup memory? Close your eyes and imagine the moment. Was it your friends bringing children’s makeup sets for a makeover at your place? For me, it's my grandma's tale of her quest for red lips as her lucky charm.

Growing up poor in Vietnam, she couldn't afford red lipstick as a teenager. So, she improvised, pressing red paper on her lips for that desired shade. Red holds deep significance in Vietnam – it’s in the flag, Lunar New Year celebrations, and symbolizes luck. With her red lips, my grandmother strode confidently, empowered to be an entrepreneur, a mother, and an immigrant to the country (USA) I called home.

Makeup is an art of expression and empowerment. Like my grandma's red lipstick, it's crucial to find shades that you love. At Sebela, my mission is to connect you with makeup to find the accurate shade that radiates your beauty like how my grandma found hers.


Anh Thu Le (Founder of Sebela)

Want to carry this mission to your brand?

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